The ultimate success formula

hi all,

I went to 2 seminars by Michael bolduc this year and got interesting knowledge. i actually got his book and i’m now in the process of implementing ‘The Ultimate Success Formula’ from Michael Bolduc, one of the top success coach in the world.

First comment is that he’s advocating the same principles than other successful coaches (Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield…) so they must be producing results. The difference between Michael’s book and Jack Canfield’s success principles is that this book is more of a formula you can replicate. The main principles behind the formula are:
– people always try to avoid pain and get more pleasure
– ask the right questions: when you ask yourself a question, you control on what you focus and whatever you focus on you move towards.
– failure is not an option: once you are 100% committed to achieve your goals, you cannot fail unless you quit and stop moving towards your goal.

Basically, this is a short version of the formula:

1 – define your outcome clearly: you cannot hit a target you cannot see. so you will first need to define clearly what success mean to you, what goals are you trying to achieve. You will need to focus on why you need to achieve these goals in order to find the motivation to do what it takes to reach your goal. Imagine you have reached your goal and answer the question: How does it feel achieving this goal? Build vivid images carrying emotions and feelings (think you are realizing a blockbuster movie). Once you can see these images clearly, prepare a vision board and then review it everyday (twice a day even better, first thing in the morning and last thing before going to bed) to motivate you moving on with the next steps.

2 – believe you can achieve it: the human brain is a very powerful tool and whatever you can imagine you can achieve, you can turn every dream you desire into reality. To be able to do that, you need to get your subconscious mind (the emotions that control your behaviors) to focus on your goals. Unfortunately many limiting beliefs (i’m not intelligent enough, I did not go to school, i don’t know how to do this…) will be your main obstacles. You will need to identify them and replace them with empowering beliefs, new maps that will show you how to attain your goals. remember feeling good is always a choice, use your conscious mind to focus on what you want and get the resources you need to succeed.

3 – plan: you know where you want to go, you believe you can get there, so how do you do it? most people get stuck there because they don’t know how to achieve their goal. so you know need to find the answer to the question “what do I need to do to achieve…?”. Success is a skill you can learn, so you will need to model successful people and learn from the best. Identify the skills you need and learn them. For that you will need a detailed plan, try to focus on the next 3 months, then do a weekly and a daily plan. (plan the day the night before and the week before it starts, for most people week-end will work best but you need to find what works for you). Make sure your daily and weekly plans are aligned with your long terms goal. And remember it’s not only the destination that is important, but make sure you enjoy the journey.

4 – take action/build habits: It is now what you do once in a while that makes you successful, it is what you do consistently. In order to achieve your goals, you will need to take massive actions. The only way you will manage to do this is if you build massive pleasure to taking the actions on your plan and massive pain to not taking actions. Make sure you measure your progress consistently.

5 – interpret your results and use feedback: once you take actions, there will be 2 possible outcomes: 1 – you get the results expected, congratulations for this success, you can now do the same with your next important goals. This success will help you to build confidence for the next goal. 2 – failure. but what is failure? actually if you commit to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, then failure is not an option, until you quit. There is no failure, only feedback, so when you get the feedback, see what is not working, why it is not working and adjust your strategy and your plan until you get the results you committed to get.

This formula can be used to achieve any goals, you can become very rich, very healthy, loose this weight you always wanted to loose so bad… anything is possible once you have learn all the steps and is committed to follow them until you reach your target. if you have questions or want to comment on this, don’t hesitate to post and i’ll be sure to get back to you.

good luck all.


the success principles – principle 5 – believe in yourself

if you haven’t read the other principles, i suggest you start with the first: the success principles – 1st principle – take 100% responsibility

If you are going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe in yourself, that you are capable of making it happen. Whatever you call it, self-esteem, self-confidence, or self-assurance, you need to have a deep belief that you can achieve what you want.

Believing in yourself is an attitude, which means it your choice. this is a habit you can build over time. you must choose to believe you can do anything you set your mind to do, and this is confirmed by latest scientific research. With positive self-talk, positive visualization and the proper efforts, you can learn to do almost anything. If you really believe it is possible and act as if, then you will do that is necessary to bring the results. The other thing needed is you need to know why you’re doing it.

The choice of what to believe is up to you as the story of Victor Serebriakoff shows, he used to believe his school teachers and thought he was dumb, dropped out of school and move from manual work to manual work until he enrolled in the army and took an IQ test who revealed he was a genius, he then decided to believe these results and became a very successful author, business man and later became international president of mensa (a society for people with very high IQ). He was always intelligent but didn’t believe it until he got the results of the IQ test…

You have to give up I can’t

As Henri Ford said: “I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can’t be done.”

The words “I can’t” (and similar ones: I wish I were able to…) are weakening you. Whereas your brain is designed to solve any problem you give it, the worlds you think and say actually affect your body and therefore your capacity to do what is needed. Take responsibility and remove ‘I can’t’ from your vocabulary, and the sooner the better.

Don’t waste years believing you can’t, take the story of Catherine Lanigan for example, she believed for years a teacher who told her she writes very badly and should quit for 14 years, until finally she gave it a try and wrote about 30 best-sellers.

It’s never too late, stop making excuses, it’s never too late to start, as the ancient Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second best time is now.” there are plenty of stories to illustrate that, check Grandma Moses for example, she started painting when she was 78 years old, though some of her paintings have sold for more than 1 Million USD years later.

Also you’re never too young to start, don’t worry about not having enough experience or being too young, you will learn by doing. There are many stories of people being successful at a very young age (as artists, businessman, philanthropist…)

Don’t assume you need a college degree, 20% of America’s millionaires never set foot in College, just think about Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates.

What others think about you is none of your business, forget about what the others want to you to do or achieve, do what you need to attain your goals. As Dr. Daniel Amen’s put it in his 18/40/60 rule, when you’re 18, you worry about what everybody is thinking of you, when you’re 40, you don’t give a darn what anybody thinks of you, when you’re 60, you realize nobody’s thinking about you at all. So keep focusing on what you want, believe in yourself and take actions now.




The success principles of Jack canfield

I recently listened to the audiobook ‘the success principles – 10th anniversary edition’. This is one of these books that can have a life changing effect if you apply what you learn. As Jack says himself “the principles always work if you work the principles“. So next I purchased the paperback version of the book so I can work on the principles one by one ( easier to highlight parts and go back to them when needed).

Not everybody will take the time to read the book and also to help me learning and applying the principles I’ll write a post per principle with a summary of what Jack is teaching. Hopefully this will help you all to apply this quote from Jacques-yves Cousteau “if a man for whatever reason has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.” Another related quote from brian Tracy “life is like a combination lock; your job is to find the right numbers, in the right order, so you can have anything you want. “

But keep in mind that “you can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you” as motivational philosopher Jim Rohn has put it. I will keep the order of Jack and therefore as per his suggestion, I recommend you follow the order to apply the principles.

If you want to read the full book, you can buy from:
the success principles

Here is a list of the principles:

  1. Take 100% responsibility
  2. be clear why you’re here
  3. decide what you want
  4. believe it’s possible
  5. believe in yourself
  6. use the law of attraction
  7. unleash the power of goal-setting
  8. chunk it down
  9. success leaves clues
  10. release the brakes
  11. see what you want, get what you see
  12. act as if
  13. take action
  14. just lean into it
  15. experience your fear and take action anyway
  16. be willing to pay the price
  17. Ask! Ask! Ask!
  18. Reject rejection
  19. use feedback to your advantage
  20. commit to constant and never-ending improvement
  21. keep score for success
  22. practice persistence
  23. practice the rule of 5
  24. exceed expectations
  25. drop out of the “ain’t it awful” club… and surround yourself with successful people
  26. acknowledge your positive past
  27. keep your eyes on the prize
  28. clean up your messes and your incompletes
  29. complete the pass to embrace the future
  30. face what isn’t working
  31. embrace change
  32. transform your inner critic into an inner coach
  33. transcend your limiting beliefs
  34. develop 4 new success habits a year
  35. 99% is a bitch, 100% is a breeze
  36. learn more to earn more
  37. stay motivated with the masters
  38. fuel your success with passion and enthusiasm
  39. stay focused on your core genius
  40. redefine time
  41. build a powerful support team and delegate to them
  42. just say no!
  43. become a leader worth following
  44. create a network of mentors and others who will up-level you
  45. hire a personal coach
  46. mastermind your way to success
  47. inquire within
  48. be hear now
  49. have a heart talk
  50. tell the truth faster
  51. speak with impeccability
  52. when in doubt, check it out
  53. practice uncommon appreciation
  54. keep your agreements
  55. be a class act
  56. develop a positive money consciousness
  57. you get what you focus on
  58. pay yourself first
  59. master the spending game
  60. to spend more, first make more
  61. give more to get more
  62. find a way to serve
  63. master the technology you need
  64. brand yourself with an online persona
  65. use social media in a way that enhances your reputation
  66. use the exponential power of crowdfunding
  67. connect with people who can expand your vision

Get ready for a trip that will change your life.

what is the difference between success and failure?

hi guys,

What makes the difference between success and failure?
the first quote i’ll use is:
quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit

so unless you consider failure as definitive it is only temporary, if you don’t quit, you’ll find success eventually.
Winston Churchill also said something similar:
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

A Japanese proverb said:
Fall seven times, stand up eight.

if you stand-up everytime you fall, you will finally stay up 😉 (a good example of that is the story of the founder of Honda motor corporation)

Well, wish you all have enough courage to stand up again every time an obstacle stops you, only then you will find success.