the personal MBA


I finished reading The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by Josh Kaufman few days ago and I highly recommend it. This book is a goldmine of information that will be very useful to people having or wanting to have their own business or people with top management positions. The book is well written and separated in small topics that can be read very easily. If you want to learn more on one specific topic, Josh proposes few books on each topic for further reading (most of the recommendations are top sellers). For each topic there is also a blog page on Josh’s website with more references and comments. The book comes with an index and is therefore very easy to use as a reference book or for research on a specific topic.
I don’t really agree with Josh’s idea that the book replaces a real MBA (I don’t have an MBA so not sure what you would learn there 😉 ) but I really enjoyed the read and learned a lot, whether it is about finance, human relations, sales… all the key subjects about business are dealt with and the principles are well explained, whether it is about hiring good people, increase your sales, understand the financial state of your business… it is all there! enjoy the read and don’t hesitate to add your comments or questions below.