Minimize roaming charges

Hi guys,
Roaming is very convenient but can become very expensive.
To reduce my roaming charges I use sim2fly service from AIS:
You buy a prepaid sim card and add credit as needed. To avoid having to change sim cards when I travel I use a dual sim mobile phone.
Before leaving thailand I transfer my normal mobile number to my sim2fly number so I’m reachable and don’t pay huge roaming bills.
Being a prepaid service I know I won’t pay more than what credit I have activated on my account. You can add more service with credit recharge that you buy before leaving thailand (at 7/11 or other convenience store) or use AIS website to buy more credit while abroad. ( alternatively, someone in Thailand can buy credit recharge for you)
If you want data roaming then you can buy special prepaid packages depending of the duration of your trip and your destination.
You then don’t have to worry of huge roaming bills (actually I don’t have roaming enabled on my normal mobile phone so no worry about that)
Please post your comments and questions if any.
Enjoy your trips.

French restaurant in Bangkok

Hi guys,
Enough of Thai food ? Enough of big hotels international buffets. A nice place open late last year, which is proposing great cold cuts and cheese, seafood, nice steaks and salad, good and affordable wine…
You can either go there to buy products back home or enjoy a nice lunch or dinner. The owners are very nice and service is quite good. The food is all delicious at affordable prices. You can just choose your cold cut and cheese and have them put on a platter for you or a sandwich.
The place is a bit hard to find but with Google maps its fine, it is easily accessible by mrt (queen sirikit station). Their new website is now online:


Directions to that place:
Note: closed on sunday and monday

french restaurant in Pattaya

hi guys,

Whenever you have enough of thai food and want to eat French food in Pattaya, there is a nice french restaurant on theprasit road:
The menu is nice with real french food at an affordable price. The portions are more than big enough (good luck to finish your main dish). The place is really nice with the outside tables being next to the swimming pool (long and deep), in which you are welcome to swim before or after eating. it’s not big and not near the beach but a nice treat and quiet atmosphere.