how to get started

So you would like to start with internet marketing but you have no idea nor experience about it. The information available online is plenty but there are also plenty of scams that will lure you in getting rich quickly using their internet marketing programs.
While anybody can be successful in internet marketing, I don’t believe there is such things as rewards without work. You need to be ready to invest the time needed to build your business.
To make money online, first you need to have a website, then build content on your website so you get traffic, then you can start monetizing your side. Said like that it sounds easy, but where to start? how to choose your topic? how to build interesting content? how to build traffic?…
Well you can learn all that here:

Wealthyaffiliate is a big online community of people into internet marketing from beginners to very experienced and very successful people. All the trainings and tools you need to be successful are available there, all the help you can think of can be found there, you have a problem either ask in live chat or post your question on the site and wait the answers from the more experienced users.
Give it a try, it’s free to start and give you a feel of what you can get if you are realy motivated and ready to invest some time for it. Everything will be explained to you starting from scratch…

well, hope you give you a try, wish you all the success you desire (and don’t forget to reach success you need to have well defined goals).